About me

Arho HuttunenMy name is Arho Huttunen and I am passionate about clean code, software quality and delivering products that I can be proud of. I have been programming since I was a little kid and have professional software engineering experience since 1995.

I strongly believe in agile methodology and software testing. More than once I have seen quick fixes and short term gains chosen over longer term solutions.

Good clean code and well running processes are not a given. I have struggled several times with legacy code, missing tests and bad product management.

I want to change that. This site was born to help people write better code and gain control of product quality.

Most of the given information here is nothing new but my humble goal is to try to provide it in a compact, understandable and readable manner. I want to share some of the knowledge I have spent years searching for so that you don’t have to.

I believe that teaching is a form of learning. This means that I also hope to become a better developer by sharing content and ideas. I claim to be no master but strive for continuous improvement.